January, 2o10

Prayer & Intentions for the people of Haiti.
Be Part of the Solution!

Written by Nikita Gearing
Founder & Spiritual Director ~ Beloved World

“We need Help & Prayers.”
This was the quote I read recently in a local paper, a quote from someone in Haiti.

As a global Community what can we offer, how can we assist?
How do we each choose to respond to the call for help by so many?

We can assist by donating money and supplies to those in need, we can assist through offering our time in setting up/participating in benefit events (many of us already having done both). We can also powerfully assist through our Prayers, our Conscious Intentions, our Presence, our prayerful focus and visualization.
This is what I want to offer here, a Prayerful Intention for all those affected in Haiti.

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I encourage you to create some time to offer your Prayers & Conscious Intentions for all those in Haiti and all those assisting. Gather with your family and Community and offer your prayers, your songs, your dances, your art with the intention of assisting and uplifting the experience in Haiti.

Gandhi reminds us ‘Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action’.

What do you choose to create for our Sisters & Brothers in Haiti?

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We are One People, We are One World. We Are ONE.


Nikita Gearing

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March 10th 2009 ~ Fourth Issue of Voices of Peace & Happy Full Moon.

I am grateful to announce the next edition in our Voices of Peace series is now available for viewing.

Voices of Peace is a section where Peace Ministers from the Beloved World Directory share their personal insights on topics that are relevant to Peace, Peacemaking in our daily lives and humanities evolution.

We have 10 participating Peace Ministers in this fourth edition.

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Blessings to you and all those you love.
In Peace

Nikita Gearing
Founder & Spiritual Director ~ Beloved World


DECEMBER 21st 2008 ~ Third Issue of Seasons of Peace, Online Newsletter.

We are grateful to launch this issue on Solstice, in honor of this Sacred Holy Season and the birthing of the New Year.

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This Third Issue Includes artciles on:

  • the third Voices of Peace Edition
  • Navigating the changes as Humanity Evolves ~ 8 simple steps
  • Happy Holy Season & Awaken your Peace in 2009

Blessings to you and all those you love during this Sacred and Holy Season.
May you enjoy many moments filled with Love, Peace, Joy and Unity.
May you take a moment to honor the birth of Consciousness that is occurring and deepening within you and within our world at this time.

In this next cycle of our Awakening I invite you to
'Become the Peace you wish to See and Know in our World'

Awaken your 'Peace', for you have Sacred gifts and Divine Presence to be shared with our world. Now is the Time.

Remember, Peace resides within each of us, here and now, we each hold the keys to creating a Peaceful world.

Create and share Your PEACE today!

In Gratitude
Nikita Gearing
Founder & Spiritual Director Beloved World ~

Evolving Politics ~ November 4th 2008

A Day for PEACE, PRAYER and the Creation of the NEW EARTH

Please also take a moment to offer your Presence through Prayer and Intention
that the HIGHEST OUTCOME for the USA Presidential Election, the outcome
that serves the Highest Good and Peaceful Evolution and Awakening of Humanity
is now created through the USA Presidential Election.

Take a moment to read the 'Evolving Politics Prayer'
(see below) and offer your sacred presence towards this co-creation.

To Read the Prayer ~ Click Here

To download a peace poster of the Prayer ~ Click Here
(If you have problems downloading this,
then please click here and print the prayer as a web page)

The Peace Vigil was activated on September 21st, 2008
and will culminate on November 4th.

An Addition to the Prayer

Include all Senators & Representatves

A fellow lightworker from Minnesota requested that we also add the words
SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES to the prayer, Thank you Marillyn.

So that as we pray and hold our intentions for the election of the President
and Vice President that will serve the Highest Good we also hold this intention
for all Political positions now up for election.

May the SENATORS and REPRESENTATIVES who will serve the Highest Good on all levels in the United States political system be elected now, Simply and Easily.

This new wording has been added to the prayer Click here to Read
(To print a copy of this simply print the entire web page)

To read the full details for the Evolving Politics Prayer and Peace Vigil ~ Click Here

We have the opportunity to shine our light and together manifest the New Paradigm of the New Earth. The Creation of a Peaceful world is up to each of us.
Please join in this Peace & Prayer Vigil.

In Gratitude

Nikita Gearing

Founder & Spiritual Director Beloved World ~