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Honoring the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, is a foundation of the Peace Ministers training.

Creating a world based on balance, equality and recognition of the gifts of the Feminine and Masculine is an important step in creating Peace. As we honor and value the Masculine and Feminine we assist in creating a space of unity and harmony within ourselves and our world.

Our world has seen Women and Men hold different roles and status in the many cultures and time periods throughout recorded history. We have seen cultures based on a Matriarchal rule and cultures based on Patriarchal rule. There have been few cultures on record that honor both the male and female as equal, honoring the gifts of each and working together in harmony to create a united culture. This we believe is the culture we are now creating and Humanities destiny.

Feminine and Masculine encompass, yet transcend man and woman, female and male: Feminine and Masculine represent energy and Divine essence. These energies are represented in the yin-yang symbol. This symbol recognizes that both energies are essential and hold an equal role in creating the whole, the “One”, the wholeness of life and the Divine.

By fully embracing the gifts of both aspects and allowing them to become united within us and within our world we assist in the creation of a Peaceful World and support Humanity’s growth and evolution.

Written by Nikita Gearing
Copyright © 2007 & Beyond Nikita Gearing All Rights Reserved.

“We recognize as we balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within us, we balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine within our world.

As we each return to a state of Balance, Harmony and Peace, our world moves into a state of Balance, Harmony and Peace.

We claim now the Divine Balance within us, may this truth radiate out to our world.

Bless this truth, may it be realized within ourselves, within all those we know and Love, within all of life on our precious planet and within the whole of God.

May Humanity awaken and remember the Divine Truth within,
ogether may we walk the path of creating Heaven realized on Earth.”

An excerpt from a Ceremony written by Nikita Gearing.