Welcome to Voices of Peace: a section where Peace Ministers from the Beloved World Directory share their personal insights on topics that are relevant to Peace, Peacemaking in our daily lives and humanities evolution.

Each Peace Minister was asked to choose a specific subject and respond to this question...
* What does it mean to be a Peacemaker in the world today in relation to the subject.
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Loss As A Gift by Cheryl Hiebert M.Div ~ Click Here
Bridge to Peace by Carol Anne Munro ~ Click Here
The Master and the Servant by Sofia Magdalena ~ Click Here
Water as My Teacher by Karen Rosasco ~ Click Here
Alma Rumball's Art of Spiritual Peacemaking by Wendy Oke ~ Click Here
Building a Resonance of Peace by Rev. Cynthia J. Reiber ~ Click Here
What will you do today, to be an advocate for a child in your life ?
by Ariella Grace Magdalena
~ Click Here
Peace in the Body by Rev. Wm Guillermo Ortiz ~ Click Here
The Resonance of Creation ~ Healing and Peacemaking Thru The Arts by Lisa Roma ~ Click Here
Water: The healing element by Bobby Jenusaitis ~ Click Here

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