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Our Intention
James Twyman & The Beloved Community
Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking

Beloved World has been created by Founder & Director Nikita Gearing with the assistance of John ‘Cornflower’ Coughenour, with the intention to create pathways for our world to access the many gifts and wisdom being shared by the Peace Ministers who have graduated from the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking.

Beloved World is dedicated to assisting Peaceful change on both the personal and the global level, creating a world based on Peace and a world united in creating solutions for the many questions Humanity is facing. As we each move into a place of Peace, we realize the preciousness of life and how together we can share and enjoy the many gifts of living on this Sacred Earth.

Beloved World has been birthed from the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking, however it is independent of James Twyman and The Beloved Community non-profit organization. It is organized and managed by Nikita Gearing.

The Peace Ministers
The Peace Ministers included in the directory are graduates from the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking founded by James Twyman of the Beloved Community. For more info on the Seminary program click here.
For more info on James Twyman & The Beloved Community click here.

Creation of Beloved World & Peace Ministers Directory
In 2004 Nikita Gearing came to work with James in the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking program and became the Seminary Administrator, Event & Retreat Coordinator, Spiritual Coach and co-facilitator of seminary retreats and events alongside James.

In 2007 the Seminary program changed its format, becoming facilitated by graduates from the program. With this change Nikita moved into a new role, herself also being a Peace Minister.

Nikita was deeply moved by the dedication and deep commitment for affecting personal and global change of so many of the Peace Ministers. She realized that the world needed a way, on a global scale, to access the gifts of the graduated Peace Ministers, who like Nikita, are dedicating their lives to deepening personal and global understandings of Peace.
Thus Beloved World was born.