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Nikita Gearing, M.Div

Nikita Gearing is the Founder & Director of Beloved World and together with her partner John 'Cornflower' Coughenour visioned and created the Peace Ministers Directory and Beloved World web site in 2007.

Nikita has been involved with Spiritual, Cultural and Personal transformation work since her teenage years in the 1980’s. She is an Ordained Peace Minister and has her Masters in Divinity.

Nikita is a Spiritual guide and facilitator of Consciousness. She is a facilitator of sacred circles & events supporting personal and global expansion and evolution. She offers wisdom for the awakening through books, Courses, events, retreats, conscious and intentional community programs and spiritual coaching. Nikita is the creator of the 'One Conscious Breath' online Course & the author of the new book 'Becoming a Conscious Human' due out in mid 2009.

Most recently Nikita has worked directly with James Twyman, International Peace Troubadour. From 2004-2007 Nikita worked along side James as a teaching partner, visionary, wisdom sharer and spiritual coach in his Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking program. Nikita was also the primary administrator and event coordinator of this program. She has organized and facilitated spiritual retreats and events with James around the world.

In 2006 Nikita worked with Earthdance – the Global Festival for Peace. Nikita organized and co-facilitated the first Earthdance International Elders Gathering including honored guests, Arun Gandhi, co-founder of the International Institute for Non-Violence and grandson of the late Mahatma Gandhi, as well as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Oren Lyons and Mercedes Barrios Longfellow.

Nikita is the Spiritual Director and visionary behind Beloved World.

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All content on the Beloved World website is written by Nikita Gearing, with the exception of "The Sacred Office of Peace" ~ the 12 Peace Prayers, the page on James Twyman and the Beloved Community & the Voices of Peace articles.

John Francis 'Cornflower' Coughenour

In 2007 Cornflower, as he is known, assisted in the visioning and creation of the Beloved World web site and the Peace Ministers Directory.
Cornflower designed the website alongside Nikita and donated alot of time, energy, inspiration, web skills and
support. Without Cornflower Beloved World would not have been possible. Thank you Cornflower for helping make this Vision of Peace manifest.

John Francis 'Cornflower' Coughenour is a multi-talented artist, musician, circle facilitator and conscious web designer.

Cornflower has been involved in social, cultural and spiritual evolution since the 1990's. He has worked alongside James Twyman as a circle facilitator and onstage as a musician. He has worked directly with visionary artists Jose Arguelles and Lloydine Bolon Ik in bringing the awareness of Natural Time to the world. In 2006 Cornflower co-facilitated the first Earthdance International Elders Gathering including honored guests, Arun Gandhi, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Oren Lyons and Mercedes Barrios Longfellow.

Cornflower focuses his gifts to inspire, awaken and reflect the resonance of Peace to humanity.

Born John Francis Coughenour, Cornflower received his nickname ‘Cornflower’ from a two year old Indigo child, when he was eighteen. Later he was informed that Cornflower was an indigenous name from the area he was born in and during the golden age of the tribe there was a leader who also held this name.

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T.O.N.E: Tribe of New Earth

Nikita & Cornflower unite their gifts to support humanities awakening as T.O.N.E. They focus on sacred wisdom sharing, attention to the breath, consciousness in the body, sound, vocal activation, circle singing, movement, sacred circle facilitation, thrivability with our selves & our world and creating conscious community.

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T.O.N.E inspires the knowing that we are One Tribe co-creating a New Earth.


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