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James Twyman & The Beloved Community
Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking

Intention and Mission of the Seminary
This program is designed to initiate a shift in your consciousness that is so profound and significant that you become a living, breathing prayer of peace. In other words, peace occurs naturally wherever you go, simply because the presence of peace is so strong within you. You become an example of the "Reality of Peace" that is all around us every moment. To some this may seem like a miracle, but it is really just the result of transforming one's consciousness and giving it over to God as an "Instrument of Peace."

The goal of the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking is to train dedicated people to serve the world as Peace Ministers who are a part of the front line in a profound movement toward lasting peace. We believe that peace is an "inside-out job," and so our primary focus is to create lasting peace in our own lives, knowing that the natural result will be peace in the world.

Birth of the Seminary
In 2003 James Twyman developed the idea for the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking; a two year intensive program dedicated to train people in the spiritual and practical aspects of Peace, to ‘Be the Change you wish to see in the World’. M. Gandhi

In early 2004 the first Seminary class began and since then there have been six Seminary programs ranging from two years in length to three month and one month intensives. Now in 2007 there are more than 350 graduates from the program who have become Spiritual Peace Ministers.

The Peace Ministers Involved in the Directory
The Peace Ministers in the directory have graduated from the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking, run by the Beloved Community non-profit organization, based out of the USA. The Beloved Community has ordained each of the Peace Ministers involved in the directory.

Beloved World and its founders Nikita Gearing and John ‘Cornflower’ Coughenour are not responsible for any of the Peace Ministers, nor any of their actions or Peace Ministries. Each Peace Minister acts independently in their personal Peace work areas.

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"Thousands of people in the world today are asking the same question: 'How may I best serve humanity at this time of awakening?' Much of my own journey has been focused on showing that each of us has an important role to play, and I have tried to touch as many lives as possible with this message. But I also felt a deep longing to go much deeper with a smaller group, offering the inner teachings of the Emissaries and of becoming a Spiritual Peacemaker in the world. That is the reason the Beloved Community has established the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking".
~ James Twyman 2004